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Blackjack hides a series of tricks that allow you to help and understand the evolution of the card game

Many Internet sites exploit information about online casino games, knowing that it is theboom  of the moment, they take advantage and many give false expectations to the most hopeful players that all they want is to win. Give lectures on topics that neither they experience and what you have to look for is to advise the player to analyze and study the play to be made. Read the following tips carefully for you:

  • It is the game most accepted by the users of the casino and that more fun gives.
  • The object of the game is not to pass the 21, it is played against the house ("casino").
  • Bet twice the minimum until you win, then bet the minimum, then double the minimum, and so on until you lose. Then start again. That will create a strategy that will serve you by implementing it in every move.
  • Always keep in mind the bonuses of each casino.
  • If the first card is an Ace, your odds are more than 50%. 
  • The initial money must be higher than the minimum bet, more than double.
  • When the sum of the values ​​of your cards is 16, always ask for one more card, because you can not win unless "the house" is passed and you are victorious.
  • The more money at stake is better for the player in the long run.
  • Select plays where you can duplicate in any hand.
  • When your first cards are of the same rank you can separate and use them independently.
  • Aces and Eights are always divided, keep in mind.
  • Stand in the game when the dealer turns the card and it is seen that "the house" did not win, the option is given to the player so that this one turns when turning its letter and thus to be able to win. 

Remember that it is a game that needs to be analyzed and understood before starting to bet, gives us the option of nurturing us of information when starting any round of play. The chances of winning are an extra, but if you want to play blackjack, you have to have this option as part of the game. What you should never do is give up and always face bad weather, even when the cards are not in our favor.

The secrets of Black Jack

Due to its huge acceptance among players, the Black Jack is a game that almost can never be missing in a casino. The Black Jack probably owes its popularity to it being an extremely simple game to learn. However, Black Jack is not an easy game to master, so beginner players should not be fooled by appearances, as they could lose huge amounts of money if they are not prepared.

To be able to improve your chance to win in Black Jack, here is a compilation of the best tips that you can apply immediately:

An average player is able to reduce the house edge to 3% and up to 1%. This average is because the player is forced to decide before the dealer. In other words, the player loses his bet if he exceeds 21, regardless of whether the dealer exceeds 21 afterwards. However, if the average player correctly learns several simple blackjack strategies and applies them properly, he can develop a very solid and consistent game with a home margin of less than 1%.

Always avoid tables in a Black Jack pay 6 against 5. The common payment for a hand of 21 with 2 cards should be 3 vs 2. However, there are also tables that only propose a coefficient of 6 vs5. We recommend avoiding these tables altogether as they are much less beneficial to players.

He always prefers the tables in which the dealer stands with a 17 as this gives potential to greater victories. In most Black Jack games, the dealer does not stop in the same hand. Moreover, if you have to get a 17 most of the time, that number can be more or less forced. In the first instance, if the dealer’s hand does not have aces, logically it can only be worth 17. Similarly, in the second case, an ace can be used by the player or dealer as a 7 or 17. Playing at a table in the That the dealer has to stand even with a flexible 17 definitely promises you to win more regularly.

If you are playing in an online casino remember the bonuses. An important feature of many online casinos is that they offer special bonuses to attract new players or make their players play more. Looking for these special promotions can make players better profits.

Remember that Black Jack is a game and should always be fun. Following the above mentioned tips you can increase your profit margin considerably!