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Craps is a very accessible game, which requires several participants. Just throwing two dice will control the flow of bets, which makes it one of the most exciting games you can find in a casino.

Nothing better than to be surprised by new games when we enter the casino . This game is not as well known in the media, but it is beginning to be heard in every room is the game. What is particular and risky this game unlike the convensionales that are in the casinos is the kind of people that animates this game while you make the most risky bets: they are people of good dress but to enjoy besides a good game one Good drink glass. Have you never seen them in American movies like they catch your eye? Another plus of the Craps is that it is bustling and fun; They are usually the most cheerful and noisy of the whole casino, as it creates a very festive atmosphere around the table. It is good to know the language they use because it is different from the rest, they do not allow any lack of code regarding the game or regulation of it. Primordial is respect for the other even though the weather is ‘party’.

We give you some secrets so that you enjoy to the maximum each bet alone or accompanied, prohibited to divulge the secrets that we write for you, shhh

· It is recommended to make smaller bets than the house tells us to do. They will always agree that your bets are increasing, when you think it is necessary to keep it, do not pay attention to the rest of the bettors.

· It is convenient to make small money bets, but several times. This will increase your chances of winning.Always bet on pass lines and do not pass.

· Like all new games that are imposed, has many criticisms and lies, many websites promote this game as ‘worst of the century’ when it promises much in terms of casino finance. They try to fool people by saying that the casino will always be the winner and you will never.

· Only the most risky bets will be made when you have a good amount of money away.

It is a game that is increasing. The countries that have implemented it are the United States and Spain where it is raging and growing. It is a popular game that catches the attention of any youth who wants to spend a good time in a group, meeting new players and exchanging Crap secrets , only those who cheer can take advantage of the profitable game.